Plastic Surgeon Dr. Paraskevas Kontoes, ISAPS Professor

Honorary Scientific Distinction for Prof. Dr. P. Kontoes


With the participation of 1500 Plastic Surgeons from all overthe world, the biennial Congress of ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), the strongest and most popular scientific Society in the specialty of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery worldwide, took place in Kyoto, Japan, 23-27, October, 2016.

ISAPS has over 3500 Plastic surgeons members worldwide,strictly selected on their scientific expertise and contribution to this very sophisticated surgical specialty.

The main target of ISAPS, beyond all others advocated, is "Aesthetic Education Worldwide" namely the global dissemination of knowledge and training in Aesthetic Surgery, by organising educational and cultural activities worldwide, aiming both to continuous education of Plastic Surgeons, safety and satisfaction of patients.

This target is achieved through the very efficient and strong Education Council of ISAPS, which manages, regulates and organises scientific activities worldwide, providing Visiting professors and lecturers, of known value and scientific expertise to various countries of the world.

The Education Council Chair is selected among many prominent Plastic Surgeons with international scientific recognition and acceptance. It is a great honour for Greece and it's Aesthetic Plastic Surgery community, that for the first time in the 40 years of ISAPS operation, the position of the Chair of Education Council, is awarded to a Greek scientist, the distinguished Plastic Surgeon Dr. Paraskevas Kontoes, Visiting Professor of ISAPS, who officially assumed the office of Chair, during the Congress in Kyoto.

Dr. Kontoes, known in the international community of Aesthetic Surgery, both for his personal aesthetic surgery techniques and for his teaching skills, the last 4 years was the Education Council Vice-Chair, having greatly contributed to the development of training of Plastic Surgeons throughout the world. This contribution was recognised and appreciated, leading him to the top position of the Council.
In his capacity as the Education Council Chair, Dr. Kontoes automatically occupies, a position in the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of ISAPS.

Through this leading scientific distinction, Dr. Kontoes, in addition to the educational and training activity that will develop around the world, by managing and directing educational events worldwide, in cooperation with the 14 members representatives of the Education Council committee, intends to further promote the scientific exposure and target of ISAPS, incorporating recognised scientists of the Aesthetic Surgery field, from around the globe and Greece,contributing in the best way possible, to the consolidation of the Aesthetic Surgery specialty internationally.


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