Plastic Surgeon Dr. Paraskevas Kontoes, ISAPS Professor


The method of Micro needling would best be described as the grazing of the epidermis with the use of micro (tiny) needles; by doing so, the natural mechanism responsible for skin renewal is triggered to produce the ever sought after collagen and elastin. Skin becomes firmer and more youthful, whereas the appearance of wrinkles is softened and any skin flaws (scarring, discoloration, sagging etc.) are improved.

For higher standard results, Micro needling treatment is often combined with Mesotherapy (using multivitamins, hyaluronic acid, and P.R.P treatments). It’s virtually a painless treatment which leaves no marks on the skin and can be performed relatively frequently (weekly) depending on the needs of each individual’s skin.


Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive procedure for treating local fat deposits (could be described as a non- surgical liposuction, body liposculpting) for both men and women.

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